Fallschirmjäger Impression Guide
1941 Afrika Primary Impression
Tropical Cap:
M41 Flieger Mütze "Overseas cap" (right) or M41 Tropical Field Cap (left)

Shirts :
Tropical Hemd Tan long or short sleeve Shirt 
*Heere grey green combat shirt acceptable

Luftwaffe Tropical Tan Trousers
Luftwaffe Tropical Tan Shorts

Fallschirmjäger Front lace jump boot,
Lowquarter boot acceptable,

M38 Fallschirmjäger Stahlhelm
M40 Fallschirmjäger Stahlhelm

Weapon, Ammo Pouches, bandolier
MP40 Schmeisser Machine Pistol w/Ammo Pouches
K98 Mauser rifle
P38 w/Brown Pistol holster
Splinter or Blue green Bandoleer (round or square pockets)

Blue green Canvas Gas mask bag
Grey/green or Splinter helmet cover
Tan or grey/green bread bag
Tropical or continental canteen

**Primary Impression:
1st Kompanie FJR3 "Skorpion" patch

Afrika 1942 Variation #1
**Afrika 1942 Variation #2
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