Ramcke Brigade
*Order of Battle August 1942

Kommandeur - General Bernhard Ramcke
Adjutant - Oblt. Wetter
Ia: Hptm. Schacht; later: Major Kroh
Brigade Arzt - Stabsarzt Dr.Cohrs
Kampfgr. Kroh (I./FschJgRgt 2)
Kdr. - Major Kroh

Strength and equipment for the KG v.d. Heydte for August 20 1942:

Offiziere: 17 + 1 at the assembly point (Auffanglager)
Beamte: 2
Unteroffiziere: 111 + 8 (Gefechtstross) + 8 (in Reserve) + 15 (Im Auffanglager)
Mannschaften: 589 + 16 (Gefechtstross) + 50 (In Reserve) + 50 (Im Auffanglager)

Kampfgr. v.d. Heydte (I./FschJgRgt 3)
Kdr. - Maj v.d. Heydte
Adjt - Oblt Rolf Mager

Strength and equipment for the KG v.d. Heydte for September 29 1942:

Offiziere: 15 + 3 San.Offz. but combat ready where 15 + 2 San.Offz.
Beamte: 3
Unteroffiziere: 173 but combat ready where 117
Mannschaften: 869 but combat ready where 516

Weapon equipment for the K.G. v.d. Heydte on August 20, 1942:

Leichte Maschinengewehre (l.M.G.): 68 (of them 6 in reserve)
Schwere Maschinengewehre (s.M.G.): 12
Leichte Granatenwerfer (l.Gr.W.): 9
Schwere Granatenwerfer (s.Gr.W.): 6
Panzerbüchsen: 11
Leichtgeschütze (l.G.): 1

Kampfgr. Burckhardt (FschLehrBtl)
Kdr. - Maj. Burckhard
Kampfgr. Hübner (II./FschJgRgt 5)
Kdr. - Maj. Hübner
II./FschArtRgt 7: Maj. Fenske
FschPzJägKp: Oblt. Hasender
FschNachrKp/FschSanKp: ?
Kriegsberichter: Ltn. Rechenberg, Ltn. Schnitzer
General der Fallschirmstruppe Bernhard Ramcke
"Vater Ramcke, Vater Ramcke, Vater Ramcke..... "
5,000 Fallschirmjäger P.O.W.'s at St. Thegonnec 19 September 1944 in responce to his speach.

Ramcke led a very colorful exciting life. The son of a farmer, his military career began early in 1905 as a cabin boy on the SMS Storch. He distinguished himself as a member of the Marine Assault Battalion Flanders and was promoted to Leutnant on July 18th, 1918. Ramcke transferred to the Army on March 10th 1919 fought with the Freikorps Brandis in upper Siledsia and was subsequently taken into the Reichwehr.

On February 1st, 1927 Ramcke was promoted to Hauptmann and served as commander of the 11th Kompanie 2nd Prussian Infantry Regiment. Following
a series of appointments, he was promoted to Major September 1st, 1934. Ramcke’s next promotion as an Oberstleutnant came on March 16th, 1937 and on July19th 1940 was transferred at his request to the 7th Flieger Division He joined the Paratroops on July 31st, 1940 and earned the
Fallschirmschutzen Abzeichen
Der Luftwaffe. (Airforce Jump Badge) at the age of Fifty One. By 1941 Ramcke was promoted to Oberst and was in command of an assault Regiment on Crete where his actions earned him the Knights Cross..

In the summer of 1942 he oversaw the formation of the Italian
Folgore Parachute Division along with his own name sake Brigade “Ramcke” for the planned invasion
of Malta. Unfortunately this never came to be and both units where sent to the North African front to reinforce Rommels Afrika Korp. It was here where his Brigade caused great sensation and in result earned him his oak leaves. Despite the astonishing feat of escaping across the desert Ramcke’s Brigade fate was sealed and they for all purposes ceased to exist. For only 600of his men managed to escape across the desert...

* Reference: "Die deutsche Fallschirmtruppe 1942-1945 - Einsätze auf Kriegsschauplätzen im Süden" Hans-Martin Stimpel
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