Kommandeur - Major von der Heydte
Adjutant - Hauptmann Peiser
Regiment Arzt - Stabsarzt Dr.Roos
Gefechtsstand - La Hotellerie 1 kilometer north of
Gerville (4 kilometers southeast of La Haye du Puit)

Kdr. - Hauptmann Emil Priekschat (MIA 8.6.1944) Hauptmann Zierer
Adj - Oberleutnant Reese (MIA 8.6.1944)
Arzt - Stabsarzt Dr.Ferl (MIA 8.6.1944)
1.Kompanie - Oberleutnant Wilhelm Josef Billion (KIA 8.6.1944) Leutnant Meyer (MIA 9.6.1944)
2.Kompanie - Oberleutnant Helmut Schulz (MIA 8.6.1944)
3.Kompanie - Hauptmann Bucher (KIA 8.6.1944)
4 Kompanie - Leutnant Eugen Scherer (MIA 8.6.1944)

Gefechtsstand - North edge of the Foret du Mont Castre (5 kilometerseast of La Haye du Puit)
Ordered to advance in the direction Ste.Marie du Mont to relieve the pressure on strongpoint W5 (Resistance Nest.5, the hub of bunker defences at Utah Beach). Also ordered to send a combat team to provide security at Ste. Com du-Mont for the newly established battle HQ of the 6th Regiment

Kdr. - Hauptmann Rolf Mager
Adj - Hauptmann Schulte
Arzt - Stabsarzt Dr.Holtz
5.Kompanie - Hauptmann Otto Herrmann (KIA 8.6.1944) Leutnant Holz (WIA 4.7.1944)
6.Kompanie - Leutnant Bruunklaus (KIA 11.6.1944)
7.Kompanie - Leutnant von Socha-Borzestowski (KIA 11.6.1944)
8.Kompanie - Oberleutnant Heinrich Graf Bethusy-Huc (KIA 25.6.1944)

Gefechtsstand - Railroad crossing on the Lessey-Périers road 1kilometer southeast of Lessay 
Ordered to advance in the direction of Turqueville towards St.Mere-Eglise and establish contact with the 795th Georgian Battalion.
Kdr. - Hauptmann Horst Trebes (KIA 27.7.1944)
Adj - Leutnant Treuherz
Arzt - Stabsarzt Dr.Schadt
9.Kompanie - Oberlautnant Helmut Wagner (KIA 8.6.1944)
10.Kompanie - Oberleutnant Erich Preibe (KIA 8.6.1944)
11.Kompanie - Oberleutnant Märk (WIA 4.7.1944)
12.Kompanie - Oberleutnant Martin Pöppel (WIA 4.7.1944)

Gefechtsstand - Rougeval 3 kilometers southwest of Carentan just south of the Carentan-Périers road
Ordered to remain behind in Carentan along with the 13th Kompanie to provide flank security and to continue mopping up scattered remnants of some 500 U.S. paratroops dropped south west of Carentan.
13.Schwere GrW.Kompanie - Oberleutnant Nahde (WIA 15.6.1944)
14.Pz.Jäger.Kompanie - Leutnant Geck (MIA 7.6.1944) Leutnant Bauer (KIA 17.6.1944)
15.Pionere.Kompanie - Hauptmann Hauch (KIA 10.7.1944) Leutnant Degenkolbe (KIA 11.7.1944)
For a complete history of the 6FJR we recommend "Les Lions of Carentan" by: Volker Griesser
*References: German Paratroops 1936-1945; Gregg Way
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