But aftermath of the campaign would prove to be the death of the Fallschirmjagerr as a tactical weapon. for Hitler was so appaulled at the losses he forbade to ever use the Fallschirmjager in such a large scale. Yet for the commanders of the Fallschirmjager never saw it as a loss and despite the losses the fallschirmjager arm was at it's highetst strength in trained men.
Oberst Heidrich visitis the graves of the I/ FJR3
On the Morning of May 21, the men the Crews and fallschirmjager prepared for the Invasion of Crete.Before the sun rose they climbed aboard the Junker 52,s . The sky became filled with Ju52's while the red sun rose the fallschirmjager contimplated their destiny. Early that morning they arrived and dropped in waves as cloese as they could to their targets. The Comonwealth and local Cretians troops began defending their positions. Firing AA, Machine gun neven rifle fire. The &th Flieger division began to take casualties.

Once on the ground the Fallschirmjager quickly began to asses their situations, retrieve their drop canisterrs wich cariried all their vital weapons and supplies they would need to take their objectives. For many this was the time they where inn most danger of being killed or captured. And for many the most harrowing time.

As wave after wave of Junkers dropped their men, they quickly turned around to return to HQ and prepare for the next drop. Meanwhile FJR1, FJR2 FJR3 and the Sturm regiment began to organize attacks against Comonwealth positions. Some in small groups made their way to other Fallschirmjager positions.

The main objectives for operation Merkur was Chania, Herikilion, and the Maleme Airfiled. It would take days and heavy losses before the Fallschirmjager began to see their objectives met. But depite heavy losses the Fallschirmjager prevaled, captured key points and Airfileds where fresh reinforments from the @nd gebirgsjager Division began to arrive. Under the command of Genral Rringel.

By then the Fallschirmjager had taken many casualties including the Divisional commander General Suusman who's glider crashed and was subsequently killed.

Other casualties included Major Derpa FJR2, Oberleutnant , decendant of the grat line of Prussian generals. Many Fallschirmjager officers dysplayed great leadership qualitites Including Oberrst Ramcke, MAjor Derpa, Major Schultz, Hauptmann Gericke, Hauptmann von Heydte. Contd.....

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