"Opi General Ferdinand Foltin"
"In memory of a Fallen kamerad, Rest in Peace"

Ritter Kreutz Tragger Major Ferdinand Foltin

"He was in pain...it was getting worse and worse...but he was so strong...he stood up until the last day- like a real soldier.... He was my big hero!" grandaughter Helena Mackü

On May 18, 2007, he passed away with his loving granddaughter Helena by his side who held his hand to the very end. His wife Ilse still lives in Austria and is cared for by her granddaughters Helena and Vendi.

Ferdinand Foltin joined the Austrian Federal Army as a one year volunteer on September 3, 1936. On April 14, 1938 he was taken into the Wehrmacht as an Oberfähnrich.

Ferdinand served initially with the 107th Infantry regiment's 6th Company in Bad Kreuznach. He eventually joined the Fallschirmjäger troops and took part in the 6th Parachutist-rifleman course at the Fallschirm Schule III, Braunschweig. He was promoted to Oberleutnant on August 1st 1940 and a week later was appointed command of a platoon in the 5t company, 3rd Fallschirm Jäger Regiment.

As part of the 3rd regiment he took part in Operation Merkur, the air assault on Crete where he was severly wounded. His actions earned him both Iron crosses and a wound Badge on July 1st 1941. Following that he was assigned an interim staff position until August 21st 1942 when he was appointed command of the 7th Company, 3rd FJR having led the company in an acting capacity since February of that year.

He then served as an ordinance officer with the Ia of the 7th Flieger Division followed by the 1st Fallschirm Jäger Division. On January 1st 1944 he was appointed commander of the II Battalion FJR3. During his time as C.O. of II/FJR3 he bravely and decisevly led his Battalion during some of the most bitter and hardest fighting during the Battle of Monte Casino. His bravery and steadfast courage was an inspiration to all his men as they fought off repeated New Zealand infantry assaults supported by armor. His actions earned him the Knight's Cross and earned the Fallschirmjäger the title of "The Green Devils of Monte Cassino" .

After the Battle of Monte Cassino he was sen to General Staff training, where he was then assigned to HQ of the First Fallschirm Army, soon after on September 1st 1944 he was appointed Ia ( 1st Adjutant) of the 7th Fallschirm Jäger Division. He was eventually captured by the british forces and held as a POW from May 8 to October 20, 1945. He went on to serve in the post war Austrian army reaching the rank of Major General.

**A 1/6th action figure dedicated to Hauptmann Foltin

Service Record

Born: Vienna, Austria, November 30, 1916,
Deceased: May 18, 2007, Linz, Austria

Date of enlistement: September 3, 1936
Last Service Rank: Major
Last Service Position: 1st I.A. 7th FJD
Service Awards

Knight'scross: June 9, 1944
Awarded for: The defense of Cassino
Position: C.O. II Battalion FJR3
German Cross in Gold
Luftwaffe Parachutist Badge
Luftwaffe Ground Assault badge
Iron Cross First Class: July 1, 1941 Crete
Iron Cross Second Class: July 1, 1941 Crete
Wound Badge: July 1, 1941 Crete
Kreta Armelband

Right: Hauptmann Foltin during the hard fighting in Cassino
Left: a beautiful action figure dedicated to Hauptmann Foltin.

*Reference: Knight's Cross Holders of the Fallschirmjäger By Franz Kurowski

** Action figure was created by Fallschirmartz for the Family of Herr Foltin in loving memory

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