Otto Antonin "Tony" Nemec
"In memory of a Fallen kamerad - So long pal see ya in Heaven"

Tony somewhere in Italy

*Service Record

Born: Prauge , Czechoslovakia 1925
Deceased: Washington Crossing, PA. USA,

January 6, 2008
Joined the Luftwaffe in 1943

Last Service Rank: Oberjäger
Last Service Position: Melder, 12./FJR10 FJD4

Service Awards

Anti-Partisan Badge
Luftwaffe Parachutist Badge
Luftwaffe Ground Assault badge
Iron Cross Second Class:
Iron Cross First Class

Captured by the Americans in 1945

"I was on guard duty and fell asleep in the top floor of our building. When I awoke I was alone, so I ran down stairs out the back door right into an armed U.S. Patrol surrendering emmidiately. The G.I.'s gave me ciggarettes and treated me very good, the war was finally over"
Tony@ Fallschirm Lehr Kompanie 2005

Tony in Italy
Indianna Fallschirm Lehr Kompanie 2005

I was very fortunate to of met Tony back in 2004, he was a very fun loving man who was very full of life and energy. I recall how his face lit up when I offeed him a Perroni Beer "this is what I drank in Italy".

Tony attended the Fallschirm Lehr Kompanie event in Indiana in 2005 and was quite a crack up, this guy was so funny and energetic, he got up on our practice jump tower and jumped out! Everyone was in awe as we watched him land in the canvas.

The best part was just sitting around talking to him about his life after the war. He was so enamored by America he decided to return in 1953 never looking back, he made a great life for himself and his family here in the United States. He was a 100% American, he truly made the best of his life. So long pal, see ya in heaven!

Otto 'Tony' Nemec was born and grew up in Prague, joining the Luftwaffe in the summer of 1943. Originally he was scheduled to attend pilot training, but due to the acute gasoline shortage many facilities were closed. Rather than assignment to the FLAK or the Hermann Göring Division, he volunteered for the Fallschirmjäger. After testing in Gardelegen (near Stendal), he attended the Sprungschule in Freiburg, southwestern Germany, just north of Basel.

In January, 1944, he was assigned to the 12./FJR10, 4. Fallschirmjägerdivision. In his own words, "At first I was in a Mortar Squad and later on I was a Melder, which by the way was not a choice assignment. The invasion of Sicily was just before my time. I was involved in the battle for Monte Cassino, but in the Nettuno (German name for Anzio) sector." During the war, Tony attained the rank of Oberjäger, and earned the Iron Cross First and Second Classes, the Parachutist's Badge, the Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge, and the Anti-Partisan Badge.

Captured by American troops, Oberjäger Nemec spent the remainder of the war at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. After the war, he could not return to Prague, so he sought out family members in Frankfurt am Main and finished college.

In the 1950's, he returned to the U.S. because he liked what he learned and experienced here. At a Halloween costume party, he met a lovely American girl named Eleanore, and they were married soon after. He became an executive for the Mobil Oil Company, which took him all over the world building oil refineries.

Obituary (Courier News)

AGE: 83
Otto Antonin Nemec, "Tony," 83, of Washington Crossing, Pa., died Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009, at St. Mary Medical Center, Langhorne, Pa. Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Otto was a 45-year resident of Washington Crossing and a former resident of New Jersey.

Otto was conscripted into the 4th Fallschirmjager (paratrooper) Division and fought in Italy. He was captured by U.S. Forces in 1945 and was interned in several POW camps in the south, including Camp Robinson in Arkansas.
He fell in love with our country and moved here
in 1953. He had several other jobs before joining Mobil Oil as a
piping engineer from where he retired after 30 years. He traveled
with his late wife to many countries with Mobil Oil.
He was an avid fisherman, trap shooter and life member of the NRA. He
was also a member of the Two Century Trap Club, Langhorne Rod & Gun
Club, Atlantic Indians and his beloved Mink Pond Club where he spent
many wonderful years fishing with Eleanore. Otto attended reunions of
his German Division and was a German reen actor of World War II
battles. He was a member of the F&AM and the Consistory of the Valley
of Central Jersey.
Otto is the husband of 54 years to the late Eleanor Nemec, who died in July 2008. He is survived by his cousin, Günter Fruchtl of Esslinger, Germany. He will be sadly missed by his sister-in-law, Helen (Robert) Henne and niece and nephew, Kathy and Michael (Heidi) and their four children, Muriel (Henry) Greuter, Willy Beisley, Betty Peterson Fisher, and Dave (Sharon) Hoffnerl; and his dear friends, Don and Edi Wurster and family.

Memorial contributions in Otto's name may be made to:

Shriners Hospital for Children
3551 N. Broad St., Philadelphia,
PA 19140-4131.

With Friends, Indiana Fallschirm Lehr Kompanie 2005
Front: Frau Marie-Louise Meindl
Left to right; Tony Nemec, Herman Ramcke, Klaus Meindl, Musikanter (Accordionist) Tim Tabor

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