Book References

German Parachute Forces 1935-45

By Brian L. Davis

A small but neat little book with a few color illustrations of uniforms, equipment and awards. Some interesting b/w photo's as well.

Fallschirmjäger German Paratrooper 1935-1945

By Bruce Quarrie

A nicely illustrated booklet

German Paratroopers in Action: 1939-1945

Another great book to pick up, with a some interetsing tid bit's.

By Chris McNab

German Airborne Troops 1939-45

By Bruce Quarrie

Another must have for any Fallschirmjäger enthusiast. With some great text, photo's and great Mike Chappell illustrations.

World War II Troop Type Parachutes Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan

By Guy Richards


Fallschirmjäger from Glory to Defeat 1939-1945

By I.M. Baxter & Ron Volstad

A small but usefull booklet with Rnn Volstad art!

7th Flieger Division

This turned out to be a nice little book to pick up. Some decent images and text a good book for the beginer modelor or historian.

By Bruce Quarrie

The Inferno at Brest

By Henri Floch & Alain Le Berre

Weapons and Equipment of the German FALLSCHIRMTRUPPE 1941-1945

This is a great magazine sized booklet handy for the hobbiest and modelor! Good text decent photo's.

By Alex Buchner


Death from Above the German Fg42 Paratroop Rifle

By Thomas B. Dugelby & R. Blake Stevens

Another must have for any Fallschirmjäger enthusiast, modelor, re-enactor or weapons collector. A well detailed book on this truly revolutionary weapon!

Die Bildchronik der Fallschirmtruppe:

By Arnold von Roon

Another must have book, written in German/English lot's of photo's, backrounds short bio's on key Fallschirm Officers.

Fallschirmjäger: les parachutistes allemands en France 1943 - 1944

By Alain Chazette

Published in French, this book covers the Fallschirmjþger in France a nice addition to the collection with many rare period photo's.

Elite German Divisions in World War II

By Werner Haupt

General history on the use of German elite forces such as the Fallschirmjäger.

Deutsche Fallschirmjger im Zweiten Weltkrieg

By Volkmar KŸhn

An overall history of the Fallschirmjþger, written in German.

Hunters from the Sky

By Charles Whiting

The German Fallschirmjäger in World War 2

By Hauptmann Piehl

This is a great book that was actually written during the war. I t has been re-published with plenty of hard to find photo's. Another great addition to the collection.

Fallschirmjäger in Action

By Squadron/Signal

This is a must have classic publication. Squadron Signal (Uwe Feist) is a well known publisher of military books and this one is a great example. This series also features Ron Volstad's early illustrations.

German Gliders of WWII

By Heinz J. Nowarra

Fallschirmjäger used gliders in many of their operations, including Eben Emal, Crete and the Gran Sasso Raid.

The Kettenkrad

By Friedhelm Abel

A must have little book on the Kettenkrad, a specily developed vehichle for airbornne operations. A favorite among the

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